Disaster Training

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So I am going to the Humane Society of the United States National Disaster Animal Response Team training this weekend in Ann Arbor. I have already been on deployments with this group but now you have to have the training before you go. I also have been to the training for United Animal Nations Emergency Animal Response Service and several other trainings thru Michigan State University, FEMA and Michigan Volunteer Network. I really love the trainings and taking classes, there is always something new to learn


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Hello everyone out there! I am new to this blogging thing but I have so much experience with animals from mice to horses and am pursuing a degree in legal studies to help people with animal law problems.


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Ok so get this, my sister in law called me because  a friend of hers was accused of abusing a dog when in actuality he was trying to get his kids home without getting in trouble for being a little over the limit for blood alcohol. I asked if he ever touched the dog and he said no. The officers took a false statement from the people who owned the dog. What is your opinion?